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Public Enemy Melbourne 2014 (Video)

You can't stop them, even if you tried.  Exposing a hidden world unknown to most, both below and above the beautiful city of Melbourne, 'Public Enemy' is not for the faint-hearted. The new viral short takes viewers on a rollercoaster journey heading deep into the heart of the Metro transit system, hauling ass on the back of metal horses, scaling some of Burn City's tallest and most-fortified landmarks - and causin' a general ruckus amongst the up-tight, right-winged nay-sayers of our fair town. Aired on numerous 6'oclock news stations, newspapers attempted to make a field day of it, but we just going to bring you the shit you really want - all 11 raw minutes of it! Keep your eyes peeled for some of the  smooth-styled bandits rocking some of the finest threads from Wild West locals ,ICHPIG, reppin' their city the only way a true Melbournian knows how. Melborn. Support your local.

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