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01 Apr 2008

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Prvdr Melbourne Dunk Tier 0 Launch Party

Prvdr Melbourne Dunk Tier 0 Launch Party 88

April Fools Day may be about joking with your mates and syking peeps out, but when our good mate Chris at Provider hit us up with a flyer announcing a new drop of Tier Zero Nike Dunks and the Be True Dunk Series we knew he had to be serious. And judging by the launch party there was some major heat on offer, not to mention a great excuse to scull some free beer (big up Grolsch) and eye off what everyone was rocking. A massive crew of familiar faces as well as an even bigger posse of new kids rocked up to get their hands on some fresh Nike product, exclusive to Provider.

The Provider staff kept the free beer and receipts flowing all night to ensure a smooth and easy launch party. Many thanks go to the Provider ladies Mels and Jules, the dopest sisters in the game, as they kept everyone laced with drinks and made sure there was a friendly face to greet everyone. Hans DC kept it official banging out as many Provider receipts as possible, earning the best employee of the night award! Want to know more about how fantastic Provider is? Then read

There was a lot of new heat on offer to purchase on the night, including a whole host of new Nike Dunk Low samples, so if you were lucky enough to be a Men’s size 9 or Women’s 7 you hit the jackpot. If you weren’t feeling the new drop, there was plenty of older stock to keep your wallet thin including the awesome Huf AM90s and the Claw Money Vandals for the ladies. For more info on the Claw Money shoe, go here

The paparazzi were out in full force with cameras being set off left right and centre. JRazzle (centre) held it down for the ladies getting snap happy while still maintaining a beer, a ciggie and a fresh look all at once. McKinnon (far right) may be new to the Sneaker Freaker forums and all of 16 years old, but he handled his duties like a pro and you can catch his photos here. For those interested in being part of the sneaker paparazzi, go here

For the first time in a long while, there seemed to be a hell of a lot of ladies come down too, which only proves that the females in the game are as serious not only about their drinking,  but also about their sneakers. No doubt the promise of some exclusive female Dunk samples lured a lot of the ladies to come down and have a peek, but it’s great to see there is a strong community of chicks in the scene. One of the best shoes to drop exclusively for the ladies is the MAMA x Adidas ProMama, read the interview

The launch was a great excuse to come down and meet all the new kids that have been taking over the Sneaker Freaker forum, and the amount of faces that seemed new to the scene was overwhelming. It seems a whole new generation of sneaker heads have come up and are ready to show the way for coming years in the culture. When asked if they were copping any shoes a lot said they were saving up for the Provider x New Balance collaboration, so if this launch party was any indication of just how much our sneaker community has grown, we can be sure to see a whole lot more turn out when the colab finally drops. For more news on the Provider x NB go here.

The night ended on a high note with a raffle being drawn for one lucky head to take home an exclusive pair of Dunks. Once the beer had dried out, the launch party moved on to the night for dinner dancing good times. As far as launch parties go, and the fact we only heard about this last week, the turn out was incredible and the night was a full blown corker!

All the shoes that were available on the night, are now online and ready to purchase via the Provider website, here. Thanks to Chris, Mel, Jules, Hans and Memphis for an awesome night and an April Fools no one will forget too soon.

01 Apr 2008

Industry News

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