Prada America's Cup AC Factory
Prada America's Cup AC Factory

Customise Your Own Prada America’s Cup In the AC Factory

The Prada America’s Cup is a sneaker staple for the luxury brand, which found street status at the turn of the millennium after initially launching as a sailing shoe. Decades on, its perennial presence has spurred the brand to launch the AC Factory, allowing customers to create and custom order their own colourways of the popular design.

The program allows both the laced and strapped version of the America’s Cup to be personalised in a mixture of colours and materials, namely in flat and patent leather options with mesh inserts. The choice of colours is fairly broad, and taps into the palettes the AC typically uses – but now they can be mixed and matched. Just about every panel can be changed, and the heels can even be stamped with a set of initials for a truly personal touch.

The user interface of the AC Factory is also quite intuitive, with ample zoom and rotation options to see exactly how the final product turns out.

The Prada AC Factory is open now and pairs are priced at £850, which is about a £200 premium over regular pairs. Also, first time buyers should note Prada’s sizing chart, which is a little different to conventional shoe sizes.

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