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So Who Has The Most Popular Sneakers In The NBA?

Versus Nba Sneakers MambaVersus Nba Sneakers Mamba

It can be hard to keep up with the flurry of footwear that darts up and down and NBA court. If a player’s wearing something exciting, they’ll always make sure it’s noticed, but keeping track of everything worn on-foot across the season can be a nightmare – trust us. But, thanks to Versus Reviews, we don’t have to.

The product analysts have combed through data on every sneaker to touch the hardwood throughout the season and offered an in-depth report.

Insights from the info breakdown include the top brands, as well as what shoe, say, a point guard or centre is likely to play in, and most interesting of all: the most popular sneakers.  dominates the top five, with their  and  claiming the podium. The   sneaks in at number four, and MVP Kevin Durant’s  escapes the bench with fifth place.

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