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Play This Now: Sneaker Invaders

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Take two existing things, mash them together, and voila — you've got a new product. No capital to get it off the ground? Not to worry, just ask the internet. Such is the methodology behind Sneaker Invaders. A tribute, homage, creative shortcut — call it whatever you like, it’s a thing.

The footwear flight of fancy uses the exact same gameplay as the original Space Invaders, replacing the space aliens with shoes and masquerading as a whole new thing. Sure, it looks neat and it plays well through the free online version, but do you really want to buy it? Well, that’s up to you.

If you’re really vibing on the 8bit kicks, you can head over to the Sneaker Invaders Kickstarter now and pledge a few of your hard earned bucks to their endeavour. Or you can go play the game for free and maybe the crew will generate a little ad revenue on the site.

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