Pharrell JOOPITER BAPE STA SpongeBob
Pharrell JOOPITER Ostrich
Pharrell JOOPITER BBC Ice Cream
,Pharrell JOOPITER Nike Dunk NERD
Pharrell JOOPITER adidas Stan Smith Swarovski
Pharrell JOOPITER adidas Stan Smith Swarovski
Pharrell JOOPITER Timberland Boot

Pharrell’s JOOPITER Archive Auction Features 2000s Sneaker Heat

Pharrell Williams’ new JOOPITER auction platform is hours away from opening bidding for its first items in a collection titled ‘Son of a Pharaoh’. This 49-lot auction features clothing, jewellery, accessories, and, of course, sneakers from Williams’ personal archive that he’s amassed over more than two decades. Let’s take a closer look at the shoes up for grabs.

Hip-hop heads of an early-2000s persuasion will instantly drool over the luxurious bespoke BAPE STAs made personally for the musician. There’s an ostrich skin pair and an all-yellow crocodile SpongeBob-inspired edition that some may remember seeing across streetwear blogs circa 2009. Continuing the deep cuts is a pair of gaudy BBC Ice Cream sneakers that were made in collaboration with Reebok back in 2005. Plus, some Nike Dunks celebrating the NERD band.

There are also some more contemporary kicks from the Pharrell catalogue. Hand-drawn Timberland boots from his ‘Happy’ era, unfortunately, don’t come with the Vivienne Westwood buffalo hat. However, some adidas Stan Smiths encrusted in Swarovski crystals should make for a decent consolation. Rounding out the sneaker selections is a four-pair pack of NMD Hu ‘Humanrace’, some of the most hyped shoes from the last decade.

Registration for JOOPITER is open right now, and the ‘Son of a Pharaoh’ auction will close on October 27.

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