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Perth Swap Meet 2014 Recap 191

Perth Swap Meet 2014 Recap

With the help of the Western Australian sneaker community, a string of local labels and the crew at The Belasyse, over the weekend the Perth peeps took a sleepy little alley in the middle of P Town CBD and turned up the killer-meter way past maximum to bring you the 2014 Perth Sneaker Swap Meet. With the natives opening their arms to us here at Sneaker Freaker, we dug deep in the depths to pull out something special for the day, unearthing a once thought lost pair of Sharkbaits to show our appreciation for our Western sole-brothers and sisters - which we can tell you is now safely doing laps of a much deserving Perth head's sneaker pool. An amazing day full of heaters, beaters and all round sneaking goodness, backed by a monumental turnout from a tight community. Big shout-outs to our main man, *The Prince of Persia aka. Beedubs, Wordplay Magazine and the crew of VERSUS VS (Cameron Park + John Haycraft) for the video and illin' happy snaps, and of course all those that attended on the day. Stay laced and stay tuned fam. Perth, we will be back.

- Mike.

* If you have not picked up a copy of Issue 28 of Sneaker Freaker, do so and check Beedubs mega collection out!

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