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ARTICLE BY Boon Mark Souphanh
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Persil's Pick-Up/Drop-Off Sneaker Cleaning Changes the Game

Sneaker cleaning businesses are nothing new, but leading German laundry brand Persil has changed the game with the launch of ‘Persil Sneaker Clean’. Driven by 140-year-old company Henkel AG, and an experienced team of sneaker cleaning experts (including the likes of Danilo Klette from sneakercleaner.de), the latest pick-up/drop-off service takes the cleaning process off the hands of sneakerheads – saving time, while also saving the environment.

The family-owned Düsseldorf company, known for brands like Persil and Perwoll, takes sneaker cleaning online, with the Persil Sneaker Clean concept currently being tested in Germany. So far, the hype appears to be real among the European and German sneaker communities, with hundreds of orders already made in the first weeks of testing.

‘After evaluating the results from our initial six-week test campaign, we will start looking into options to grow the service and collaborating with partners throughout Germany and the EU to bring high-quality sneaker cleaning to the next level,’ says Yannick Sonnenberg, Global Innovation Lead at Henkel.

If your rotation needs a freshen-up, you can access the service by creating a profile online, then choosing a cleaning package to suit your needs. Prices range from 25€ for a premium cleaning to 40€ for a deluxe cleaning (including material refreshments). For your convenience, you can choose between getting a box shipped to your door, or printing a label and shipping your kicks in your own box. Depending on the package chosen, it takes approximately 7-10 workdays for your freshly cleaned footwear to return to your home address.

Championing an eco-friendly approach, Persil Sneaker Clean ship all sneakers C02-neutral. In addition to that commitment, all sneakers are hand-cleaned by sneaker cleaners in Germany using sustainable, non-harmful products.

Persil Sneaker Clean is giving the Sneaker Freaker fam in Germany a 5€ discount on first cleanings, with the code ‘Freaker5’. For more information, and to sign up, head to the Persil Sneaker Clean official site now.

Photographs via Rosemarie Schönthaler.

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