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Per Square Metre Presents Futureshock 1
Per Square Metre Presents Futureshock 1
Per Square Metre Presents Futureshock 1

Per Square Metre Presents Futureshock

Logan Hicks returns to our shores as part of Melbourne gallery, Per Square Metre's exhibition, Futureshock. As Logan explains 'The past few months I have been sitting around, thinking. I came to the conclusion that I have not spent enough time on a plane this year. I hear what you are saying, I know, I have been to Europe a few times already this year, and I have been to about half a dozen states here in the US, but I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if I could find a plane that would truly give me that really confined feeling? You know, the kind of plane that would really cramp up my legs, cut off my circulation and make me feel claustrophobic?

Oh yeah, and maybe, just maybe, I would be lucky enough to have a gaggle of small children packed into the row behind my seat like a bunch of caffeinated sardines. That way it would make it really easy to scream in my ear and pound my headrest with their tiny, little hands and feet. Well, fret no more. I have found a solution. I am headed to Melbourne, Australia. Yup, nothing like flying from New York to Australia in a 25 hour flight'.

'OK, so I am not really that excited about the plane ride, but I am very excited about the destination, Melbourne, Australia. The stencil capital of the world. This will mark my third visit to Melbourne. This time it is for a week long exhibition with the kind folks of Per Square Metre Gallery. This show will feature myself, and fellow Stencil companions HAHA and VEXTA. In addition to my stencil works, I will be showcasing some of my most recent HDR photographs. Those of you in the area are invited to come check things out.'

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