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Penfield Drop New Accessories Pack

If you take a utilitarian philosophy to life, then you will aim to perform the actions that you anticipate will cause the greatest amount of happiness. It depends on the scenario-at-hand whether that handful of happiness will be composed of the ecstasy from a small amount of people or a small amount of pleasure from a large group of folks. Utilitarian fashion, meanwhile, focuses on forging items that are practical, not just attractive. The two concepts are similar in abstraction, I suppose, and apparel company Penfield seems to be erudite scholars at both academies of credo – their new line for spring/summer is practical and definitely aims to cause a great amount of happiness. Damn, it's late in the day right now. Point is: Penfield have made a bunch of primo outdoorsy-vibing accessories that you can peruse in the inspiring gallery above. If you like any of them, you should head to or select stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Highs and Lows, Providence and The Outpost.

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