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Patta Tease Pan-African Powered Reebok Club C Colab

Patta Reebok Club C 2020

Eagle-eyed members of the sneaker community will have spotted this teaser doing the rounds on Instagram. Patta are looking like they’ve got a new collaboration with Reebok on the Club C, replete with clean custom touches.

This close-up on the lateral side and tongue doesn’t give away much, but it’s likely going to be a simple flip on the OG Club C’s classic white leather build. The green logo accents likely mean that’ll be the contrast colour. While some faux-vintage is going on here too, with the alternate cream lace option, yellowed nylon tongues, and beige terry lining – an aesthetic that has been trending recently in the custom sneaker world.

Speaking of custom, let’s look at the bespoke features for this Patta remake. The grosgrain branding ‘window’ beneath the lateral eyestays keeps the Reebok font, but slots in a Patta spell-out, plus a Pan-African flag in the place of the usual Union Jack design.

Patta are kings of collaboration, so don’t expect these to sit around for long – assuming these will see a retail release (fingers crossed) and aren’t just a Friends and Family arrangement. Either way, getting your hands on this will be a low-key flex.

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