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Paris Metro To Donate Sneaker Graffiti Masterpiece

Parisian Metro commuters were blessed with a seriously beautiful slice of heaven this morning, as a blazing hot bunsen burner depicting an insanely accurate profile portrait of the original Nike Air Max Plus Orange Tiger TN peeled out of the tunnels and onto the platform. How this was done is a mystery at this point, it's almost as though the artist who created this work was gifted with the hand of Christ. The only clue left was a subtle yet stunning #AirMaxPlus sign-off down below.
Clearly moved by the pristine panel, one commuter was quoted as saying, 'This is simply magnifique. To pay homage to such an icon in such a culturally relevant forum is pure genius. I think I may cry now, please leave me in peace.' Another commuter marvelled at the work: 'The fade... OMG, the fade. Is this perfection? Today I will call in sick and ride this metallic serpent up and down and round and round the lines until she is put to sleep.' Paris Metro officials have put out a statement saying that they're considering taking the carriage out of commission and donating it to The Musée National d'Art Moderne. Stay Tuned for updates, and if you're in Paris and have any more sweet shots of this masterpiece please email through to [email protected] Photo courtesy of MisterPaulo.

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