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Paper Labels Bodega Bike 2 1
Duck Hunter 5 900Px 1
Messenger Bag 3 1
Dead Stock 1
Messenger Bag 1 1
Tees 2 2
Mellow Fellow 5 900Px 1
Duck Hunter 3 900Px 1
Messenger Bag 2 1
Tees 1 2
Fixie 6 900Px 1
Mellow Fellow 4 900Px 1
Fixie 5 900Px 1
Duck Hunter 7 900Px 1
Fixie 2 900Px 1
Mellow Fellow 7 900Px 1
Duck Hunter 2 900Px 1
Bag Fixie 1 Hr 1
,Tees 3 2
Fixie 3 900Px 1
Mellow Fellow 8 900Px 1
Paper Labels Messenger Bags 2 1
Paper Label Mellow Fellow Bike 1
Paper Labels Messenger Bags 1
Paper Labels Duck Hunter Bike 1
Paper Labels Messenger Bags 3 1
Paper Labels Tees 1

Bodega Bike Project (Paper Labels)

PAPER LABELS is a design project uniting BaileyWorks (Portsmouth NH), Bodega(Boston MA) and Independent Fabrication (Somerville MA) – three local DIY crews hellbent on creating the best in their respective fields. Since 1993, BaileyWorks has been hand-crafting the most durable and elegant courier bags to survive the daily abuse of Bike Couriers. Founded in 2005, Bodega has received global acclaim for innovative retail as well as graphic and apparel design. Independent Fabrication transforms metal and carbon into rolling pieces of art- bespoke bicycles measured and tuned perfectly to the individual with the meticulous care of artisans.

Paper Labels of vintage and deadstock spraypaint serves as the palette upon which the three concept bikes, four models of courier bags and three graphic t-shirts were created to showcase enduring craftsmanship and tell the story of a time when things were made locally and to last. A time before bikes became fashion and products were built to break. Baileyworks, Bodega and Independent Fabrication will unveil the project Friday, February 12th  7pm  at FourthWall Gallery (132 Brookline Ave. Boston MA). Items from this project can be purchased at www.bdgastore.com and www.ifbikes.com

The colour scheme and Iconography of Paper Labels was derived from Bodega's archive of discontinued Vintage Spraypaint which is hunted by collectors and was popularized by 80’s graffiti culture- Krylon Aqua Turquoise #2008, Krylon O.D. Khaki #2301, and Krylon Metallic Blue #1903 serve as the foundation for the bike's color schemes. Selected in part for their cult following and timeless appeal, these colors serve as the basis of this design project. Additional bike graphics were referenced from vintage cans to reinforce the project’s timeless essence and cultural significance. Only 15 of each bike design will be made, and they will each be individually numbered.

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