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Paintshop Vs Nicki Minaj Video

Paintshop featured here in an epic interview a few months back - who could forget the sneaker heat that Dep packed into his crate of kicks?! Now the duo have come together with Island Records to help promote and spread knowledge on some of the label's hottest artists. With last month's throw up dedicated to PJ Harvey, this month takes it back to the streets with a towering homage to rap's newest princess Nicki Minaj. As Dep and Tizer (Paintshop) state 'Paintshop Studio is proud to be working alongside legendary label Island Records on such a ground breaking project. Music and the visual arts continue to inspire each other and it's a unique
opportunity to create bespoke pieces of art dedicated to an amazing and varied roster of artists.' Check out the dope time-lapse video below and keep your eyes peeled for a new artist on the wall each month for the next year.


Island Records and Paintshop Studio will be collaborating for the next year to produce an art wall dedicated to a different Island Records Group artist each month. Following last months launch of the wall with a hand painted replication of PJ Harvey's critically acclaimed album cover ‘Let England Shake'. This month is dedicated to hip hop phenomenon Nicki Minaj. Embracing Nickis larger than life persona the wall is set in a futuristic cityscape with an oversized gorgeous Nicki character reeking havoc on the city below and preparing for complete world domination! Painted by artists Dep and Tizer who have achieved heady reputations within the field of graffiti. The collaboration between Island Records Group and graffiti company Paintshop Studio gives the public the rare opportunity of seeing the skill and discipline of aerosol art live in action. The changing artwork displayed on the Silver Bullet Bar, a vibrant live music venue opposite Finsbury Park station creates a street gallery, where locals are eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Paintshop Studio is a creative studio that mixes graffiti art, design and marketing. The company was founded in 2007 and produces innovative artistic and commercial projects.

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