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Ox Street’s ‘Used’ Category Extends Authentication to Pre-Loved Sneakers

Shopping secondhand shoes often promises lower prices, but customers can be hesitant purchasing them due to the potential of copping fakes. Online marketplace Ox Street are reducing this risk for sneakerheads by expanding their authentication services to pre-owned and B-grade products with their new ‘Used’ category.

According to Ox Street, buying a pair of used shoes is on average about 30 per cent cheaper than the exact pair in brand new condition. Further research also indicates that about 45 per cent of their customer base who typically purchase deadstock sneakers have previously bought used pairs, but are averse to buying more out of the fear of getting stung by counterfeits. With the ‘Used’ category, Ox Street handle the entire process from end to end payment, delivery and, most importantly, authentication. This ensures peace of mind when buying pre-owned and saving ‘millions of pairs of great sneakers from a slow death at the bottom shelf of someone’s closet’, says Ox Street CEO Gijs Verheijke.

‘The used segment is criminally underserved. Sneakers are meant to be worn… we’re also really excited to see the range of limited edition and vintage sneakers making their way back onto the marketplace.’

Download the Ox Street app to browse over 1000 pairs already listed under the ‘Used’ category.

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