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Overkill's 'mr EQT' Gives Us Some Guidance

Overkill Eqt ThumbOverkill Eqt Thumb
Adidas Guidance Overkill Sneakerfreaker 13
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Overkill Eqt

Over the weekend adidas Originals relaunched the edition. Sneaker Freaker Germany aligned with Berlin's to hold a welcome home party for the shoe (), and while they were at it they stole a few words from Mr EQT himself, Overkill boss man Marc Leuschner about the resurrection.

Following the Support and Cushion reissues adidas is also retroing the Guidance. As an adidas and more specifically an EQT-collector you must be happy.
This is a very special moment for me, as this isn’t just any old retro, this is my favourite shoe from the EQT series. The shoe is of great significance to me and I was always enthused by this model. While everyone back in the day picked the Cushion or Support as their favourite, the Guidance was the one that made my heart leap for joy.

Visually the Guidance is different from other EQT silhouettes with its window on the side of the toe-box. Do you know anything about the design story?
The ZX silhouettes (ZX 1000 – 9020) are the foundation of the EQT series, they are like the parents in the pedigree. The EQT models were similar to the ZX series in their construction, running technology and design. The EQT Guidance replicated the construction process of the ZX 7000. The model was made for the so-called 'supinator' (someone who's foot rolls out in their natural stride). The technology was defined by the guidance element that supported the lateral of the foot and put the foot in the right position during the rolling motion. Towards the beginning of the 90s the ZX as well as the EQT models were performance-oriented. Nowadays, more than 20 years later, the shoes are very popular in lifestyle. The look is very similar to the original. Unfortunately the technology and materials are a little different, but that is nothing new in the world of retros.

What is your impression of the Guidance retro?
The first sample that I held in my hand in an adidas showroom left me with a positive impression. You could tell that I was very much looking forward to them. I noticed two little details straight away that were different from the OG: the retros red tone was a little brighter than on the original version from 1993 and the shape of the toe-box was a little different too, yet I was very satisfied.

What do you think defines the cultural phenomenon that is the EQT series?
I have answered this question many times before. The Overkill team was always very active in everything concerning the EQT Series. Basically, it was the great method of construction of the 90s. The technology, the high quality materials, the great workmanship are all reasons for why the second EQT series is still wearable more than 20 years later. Over the years this cult has been kept alive, because to this day you can still wear your favourites without worrying if they will fall apart or not. That is why the OGs are still so popular today.

Support, Cushion or Guidance – do you have a favourite?
My personal favourites are as follows: First Series (1991): Guidance, Cushion, Support and Racing. Second Series (1993 – 1994): Guidance, Support, Racing and Cushion. The masses loved the first and second Cushion; the second Cushion is yet to be retroed. I hope that they will, soon. Above all, I hope that the time will come for an Overkill x Adidas EQT collaboration in the near future, it's long overdue!

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