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Organise Your Sneaker Collection With Snupps

Snupps is the latest app that helps sneakerheads create an online inventory of their ever-growing collection with a clever platform that also doubles as a social media community. When your sneaker stockpile starts to get out of hand, sometimes it's difficult to sit down and stocktake all the sneakers you have. With Snupps, it makes this otherwise tedious process a breeze; it's as simple as taking a picture of your sneaks, uploading it into Snupps and organising it all on your digital shelves. And as the only thing sneakerheads are more obsessed with other than shoes is flaunting said shoes online, Snupps have created a community for their users to share, discuss and sell their uploaded gear, creating a buzzing ecosystem that currently has over 50,000 active users adding and following sneakers. You can share your collections to other social media channels, bringing your Snupps shelves to all your friends, and unlike other similar platforms like Instagram, you can choose to keep some items private, so you won't be shamed into excluding your collection of Sketchers from your inventory.

Snupps is the perfect way to finally organise your sneakers like you said you would, while making it enjoyable in the process. Available now for free on iOS and Android devices.

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