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Oregon Ducks Players Suspended For Selling Nike Gear

Thumb Oregon Ducks Nike Selling Ben CarterThumb Oregon Ducks Nike Selling Ben Carter
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Oregon Ducks Nike Selling Dominic Artis
Oregon Ducks Nike Selling Ben Carter

You should have been taught it when you were a kid, never sell-on a gift, that shit'll catch up with you – it's bad juju. Two college basketball players have found out the hardest way, Ben Carter and Dominic Artis have been suspended indefinitely for selling Oregon Ducks-issued Nike gear. We feel their pain, it must be damn hard to be handed Player Editions that will just gather dust when they could so easily be slipped to a cashed-up sneaker fiend for a few thou, but they're the NCAA rules, boys, no extra cash money except your sweet scholarship. We don't know exactly what items they sold, but we assume there were some special Jordans in there, maybe one of the fellas ! They got found out thanks to sly Ducks espionage, and some possible in-team snitching, but both the guys are all apologies now and look like they'll be forgiven eventually and be able to hit the paint again...maybe in some old Air Force though. So, are they good players? Artis is a usual starter and Carter is (was) a chance to line up on the reg, but they ain't stars. Maybe they never held out hope on NBA dreams so they had to start ballin' in any way they could?

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