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Opulent Presents Dj Assault 1
Opulent Presents Dj Assault 1
Opulent Presents Dj Assault 1

Opulent Presents Dj Assault

DJ ASSAULT is the undisputed ghettotech, booty house legend, and he is coming to Melbourne to bring an ass-shaking, bass rumbling and hands-in-the-air party, like only he can deliver. DJ ASSAULT is well known as the pioneer of ghettotech, the style of early house accentuated by gritty production and even gritty lyrics. Assault helped Ghettotech to mainstream success, with his club hit, Ass 'n' Titties, featuring his raw and stripped back raps. Born Craig De Sean Adams and raised in Detroit, Assault came to dance music like many of his Motown brethren, via the radio. Detroit radio jocks made lasting impressions on the young artist. Mixing records since 1982, Assault has been indoctrinating people with his own take on Detroit dance music - the introduction of scratching and rapping to non-hip-hop genres of music, this style is something that could only have come from Detroit.

His live sets have become legendary, you might not have seen him play at Honky Tonks several years ago, but anyone who went, has been talking about it ever since. ASSAULT is a true pioneer and Opulent are very excited to present this show, don't miss it, otherwise you will have to listen to your mates telling you about it for the next three years. But don't take our word for it; ASSAULT has been heralded by DJs like Diplo, A-trak, Mehdi, Justice, Digitalism and pretty much any dance DJs worth their salt. ASSAULT holds a very special place in music history. And to sweeten the deal, the Opulent crew have some of Melbourne's finest DJs in support ensuring this party will be kicking on all night long.

Ooh-Ee / Mike Hunt / Apollo Kids / Team Opulent
Miss Libertine
Friday 12 Dec
$23 + BF

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