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Onitsuka Tiger Fabre X Koi Klub


KOI (carp)

KOI KLUB is a monthly club in Berlin, promoted by Yoske Nishiumi since 2002. Themed on the concept of the diverse meaning of the word 'Koi' in the Japanese language, the club has evolving artwork created by Zen Yoshimoto (see left), whose detailed models interpret the Koi fish and have become a curious focal point for visitors. Four years ago KOI KLUB teamed up with Onitsuka Tiger to offer their products to the visiting DJs and musicians. In 2005, Nishiumi was provided with blank shoes from Onitsuka Tiger with which he invited artists and designers to use the colours of the Koi fish as a guide.

The collaboration continues in 2006 with the FABRE KOI collection. The concept is based on the KOI KLUB's icon swimming within water surrounded by bamboo. Those 3 themes were applied by Onitsuka Tiger directly onto the sneakers. A book will also be available which displays KOI performers, contributors and visitors, with short interviews and examples of their work. The FABRE KOI will be released sometime in 2007 as a limited global release.

TAKKE (bamboo)

TAKKE HI (bamboo)

KOI (carp)

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