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Ohio Man Shot and Robbed Over Yeezys

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In yet another instance of the sneaker craze going too far, an Ohio man has been shot and robbed in a sale gone wrong. Local papers report that the 19-year-old travelled from Parma to Cleveland to sell two pairs at nearly double market price. After arriving at the city's Brooklyn Centre neighbourhood, he was met with a shot to the leg, then robbed of the sneakers.

The man was treated in hospital and released the same day — but the news should serve as a warning to any resellers wrangling deals that seem too good to be true: stay safe, keep deals online, and, if you have to meet up, do it in public.

These aren’t things we should have to do, but they reflect the grim reality of the times. When Kanye first released his adidas Yeezys he acknowledged sneaker robberies in conversation with Ryan Seacrest:

I want to apologize to all the kids and all the parents that can’t get the shoes currently because there’s only 9000, and ‘cause they’re $350 and they’re out of peoples’ price range. I just want to make sure that we keep it safe. I’ve heard about people getting hurt for sneaker culture in the past. I just want everyone to be safe and be patient. Just be patient. I know you can run up on this kid and take his Yeezys but just be patient because we’ll make more Yeezys.

Yeezys are still a hot commodity, but with Yeezy BOOST releases bearing more pairs, and with  trying to , maybe incidents like this — at least with Yeezys — will begin to peter out.

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