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Off-White Celebrate Virgil Abloh’s Legacy in FW22

Off-White Celebrate Virgil Abloh’s Legacy in FW22

It’s hard to believe that Off-White’s Fall/Winter 22 marks Virgil Abloh’s final show for the brand. Months after his untimely passing, the legendary designer continues to inspire people across the globe, his Off-White imprint certainly putting on a spectacle in Paris.

Titled 'Spaceship Earth: an ‘Imaginary Experience,’ the show was put together by the recently appointed creative team, the New Guards Group.

‘Cultural reinterpretation, disruption and transformation open the door to future dialogues and formats. No expectations, no stereotypes, no status quo,’ the brand shared on Instagram.

Plenty of big names attended FW22 to show their support, including Serena Williams, Naomi Campbell, A$AP Rocky, and longtime collaborator Pharrell Williams, who lent his voice for the show’s introduction.

'I think the universe puts us in this position because it knows that we are gonna give back, it knows that we are gonna take our experiences and share the codes with all the brothers and sisters, and that’s the reason why… so for me, I know it’s my duty, I know I’m not just having these experiences because of my own glorification or my own enjoyment, it’s because I’m meant to share the code,' Williams said in the voiceover, a clip from a 2020 audio recording.

In terms of the pathway forward, Off-White CEO Andrea Grilli continued to emphasise the spirit and ideas of Virgil Abloh. Speaking with Business of Fashion, Grilli said that there are ‘a number of ideas that we have directly from him — that were unmanageable on a daily, weekly and monthly basis [through WhatsApp] — it’s endless.’

Of course, Virgil’s spirit will live on at Off-White and the broader fashion and sneaker industry that he helped build and share.

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