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Oakley Drop New 'latch' Sunglasses

Real talk: your boy writing this just lost his second pair of sunglasses this calendar month. Spectacles are a bish to hang onto, so we applaud Oakley's new creation of sunglasses that hang onto you. The new line of 'Latch' sunglasses feature a patented latch mechanism built into the frames, which allows wearers to securely fasten the specs onto their shirt collar or open pocket. Brilliant! They were created in collaboration with Oakley skateboard emissaries Eric Koston, Sean Malto and Curren Caples, along with photographer Atiba Jefferson; so, clearly, keeping your sunnies on-lock when you're shredding hard was the primary concern. And if a pair of sunglasses can deal with the stress of the bowl, then it'll probably do us just fine living this here pedestrian life. There are a bunch of designs in the first drop, dreamed up by the aforementioned stars, and you can shop them right here.


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