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13 Aug 2010


Ny/La And Other American Adventures

Josh Robenstone Ny La 2 1Josh Robenstone Ny La 2 1
Josh Robenstone Ny La 5 1
Josh Robenstone Ny La 3 1
Josh Robenstone Ny La 6 1
Josh Robenstone Ny La 4 1
Josh Robenstone Ny La 1 1

Josh Robenstone has captured twenty years of travel between LA and NY in his new photographic exhibition, LA/NY and other American Adventures. Tracing the stark differences that charecterise these two sides to the American dream, the show will be opening next Friday night at Melbourne's Backwoods Gallery. Thanks to G-Street for the news.

NY/LA and other American Adventures’ is a retrospective journey and a portrait of contemporary American society, telling a story that is both fact and fiction. This abstract portrayal of the American way of life weaves together day to day experiences and encounters that span two decades.

Upstairs (rear side of alley)
25 Easey St Collingwood Vic 3066

Sat-Sun 12-6pm

Thur-Fri 3-6pm

13 Aug 2010


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