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Not My Broken Ankles 1
Not My Broken Ankles 1
Not My Broken Ankles 1

Not My Broken Ankles!

Have you or anyone you’ve known been injured on the court? Broken ankles can strike anywhere at anytime, especially while playing basketball. From Beijing to Boston, reigning MVP Kobe Bryant has escaped many defenders by 'breaking their ankles' on the basketball court. The time has come to shed some satirical light on the importance of a new category of health insurance. Mr. Kobe Bryant, President, CEO, CFO, CMO and Owner, in conjunction with Nike Basketball, is announcing the launch of Los Angeles-based Ankle Insurance Company (AIC) after seeing so many broken ankles on the basketball court over the years. Check out the website here.

In an effort to have some fun and educate the public on the importance of having quickness on the basketball court and leaving opponents in the dust, Bryant and AIC are proud to launch the 'Ankle Insurance' campaign with this feature video.

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