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12 Jun 2007

Industry News

Not Bad For A Girl


Not Bad For a Girl™ was officially launched in Sept 2006 by London based designer Karen Jane; after surviving years of self-employment, putting herself through college to come out with an MA at the Royal College of Art, freelancing through various London agencies and holding down her own projects. Although originally intended as a outlet for ideas rather than a label as such, the positive response has meant that NBFG has grown into a reality entirely through love over game plan.

"I was an eighties child growing up in a town in the middle of nowhere. I hung around with my older brother mostly tagging-along with him and his mates, doing stuff they did. I'd take my hands off the handle-bars going downhill even though I'd wipe-out. I'd climb trees even though I'd scrape my knees. I would risk a dead arm trying to sneak off with the latest Electro album on tape... But they were good times. Thing is, it just seemed that he got the better things to do, or so I thought back then. When I wasn't doing that stuff I'd spend time cutting letters out of paper, drawing on book covers and daydreaming about running my own business. Nowadays I'm a designer in this industry that we know is a little boy-heavy, but there's no need to tag-along. Things are changing, sure the guys are ok, but it's time to make room for the ladies..."

Not Bad For a Girl™ is strictly for the Supafemale™. By this they mean the creative and the conscious, those that like to geek out over music and design; those who are sharpening their skills to contribute the things that make a difference; and those that hustle every hour to provide for their children. Yes, 'Not Bad For a Girl' is a bit tongue in cheek, but the meaning is far from a joke - as our girlfriends are golden. With this in mind, NBFG™ is for ourselves and our friends and families, inspired by the peaks and troughs of the daily grind. Coming out of London with positivity to reach those who relate...

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12 Jun 2007

Industry News

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