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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Cue Reddit's Sneakerhead Crime Solvers

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Reddit Helped Identify This Burlgers Footprint 1

When a thief broke into sneakerhead subreddit member kareezy's house and left behind a dusty sneaker print, they couldn't in a million years have imagined the victim would be connected to thousands of digital friends for whom sneakers are life.

Taking to Reddit to help solve the crime, kareezy posted a snap of the 80-per-cent-missing shoe print, triggering a cascade of CSI: Sneakerhead assistance. One wily shoe lover, PARTYxDIRTYDAN, identified the relatively obscure model as an adidas .

Many were quick to point out that a footprint is flimsy evidence, but it could still be key to nailing the culprit (potentially helped along by the fact that kareezy also found a prescription bottle bearing the name of a nearby jail’s ex-inmate).

Way to go, interwebs. Succumbing to the fact that the internet’s powers are inescapable, thread member Kydderslid offered some advice for those considering a life of breaking and entering: ‘Holy fuck, dude. The only way to get away with robbery anymore has to be walking around on your hands with gloves on.’ Although you can’t chance that there isn’t an equally fastidious glove-appreciation Reddit running hot somewhere.


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