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Noel Gallagher Reveals Sneaker Addiction

Noel Gallagher has made a stunning confession to suffering from sneaker substance abuse, but claims he has recently been able to manage his addiction. Gallagher told The Independent that he replaced his costly cocaine habit with a costly adidas 'trainer' dependency.
'When I gave up drugs I had to obsess about something,' he explained, 'and I'm not into cars, not into jewellery and all that kind of thing, and I had loads of guitars, so I set off on a quest to collect adidas trainers.'
We don't have exact confirmation on the size of Gallagher's personal stash, but he insists it was prodigious.
'I had silly amounts – you couldn't open a cupboard without 20 pairs of adidas trainers falling out. I kept the best ones, I've probably got about 20 or 30 real vintage pairs, and I put the rest back out there – I gave them to charity shops. Funnily enough when I go to Camden market I still see some of my pairs there and I've been very tempted to buy them back.'
Congrats must go to Noel for tackling his personal foot demons head on, but we're unlikely to join him in rehab any time soon. Gallagher's downsizing may also be inspired by the ticking clock, he says he has 'scientifically worked out that the cut-off age is 50 for wearing trainers'.
We reckon he's wrong about that too. We can agree with him that saving up and buying sneakers is a better feeling than getting them for free.
'I like buying them,' he said. 'Getting shoes, or getting owt (anything) for free, like downloading, it's wrong.'
Some of Gallagher's signed adidas sneakers will be on display at the adidas 'Spezial' exhibition, beginning later this week in London. News and picture via The Independent.

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