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Nike Running Goodies

Nike have announced a trio of cool new items for anyone who enjoys a run. First up is the new Nike LunarElite+ featuring Dynamic Support technology – the system which adapts while you run to provide stability and cushioning whenever it’s required. The sneaker also features the patent Flywire construction and innovative ‘dot-grip’ silicone material around the heel. The next item off the shelf that's worth taking a look at is the Nike+ SportBand. This must-have running accessory offers feedback on pace, distance, time and calories burnt. Recently updated, it now comes complete with a new shock absorbent design, a sharper screen and improved accuracy. Finally, there’s the stylish and bold Vapour Jacket. Providing protection from the elements, this lightweight apparel is also available in blue.

Press release.

Technology overview:

Dynamic Support System.
The mid-sole of a shoe featuring Dynamic Support technology (Nike LunarGlide+, LunarElite+, LunarSwift+) is comprised of lightweight LunarLite foam that is held within a firmer foam carriage. The LunarLite foam sits at an angle providing additional cushioning for the outer side of the foot, for a smoother more comfortable run. The inner side of the mid-sole features a wedge that has been contoured to fit into the firmer foam carriage to provide stability on an as-needed basis. A neutral runner (requires minimal support) will not engage the wedge upon foot strike, but a runner who pronates (foot rotates inwards as it lands), no matter to what degree, will engage the rear foot wedge, to provide stability.

LunarLite Foam.
Nike first introduced LunarLite foam in the summer of 2008 in Beijing as the mid-sole cushioning system of the Nike LunaRacer and Nike Lunar Trainer running shoes, and in the Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe. Traditional cushioning systems only absorb energy upon impact, while LunarLite foam has proven to provide superior cushioning and significant energy return.

The Nike Lunar Collection incorporates another Beijing innovation – Flywire technology. The integration of Flywire threads into the upper design of shoes from a variety of sports including running, basketball and tennis, has allowed designers to shed unprecedented amounts of weight without losing the necessary support and stability.

The Nike+ SportBand is the must-have running accessory that at a glance gives feedback on pace, distance, time and calories burnt. Worn on the wrist, the Nike+ SportBand provides feedback via a sensor located in your Nike+ enabled footwear. View this information as you run, and then upload it to www.nikerunning.com to monitor your progress online.

Or for runners who prefer to train with music try the original Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. The kit includes an in-shoe sensor and a receiver that attaches to your iPod, your run data (as above - calories, pace etc) is stored and displayed on screen; real-time audible feedback is also provided through headphones. After a workout, simply connect the iPod nano to a Mac® or PC and with the help of iTunes automatically sync and store workout data in a customized workout log on www.nikerunning.com.

Addict Community.
Join the Nike Plus online community to become an ‘addict’, and feed your addiction by sharing your favourite running routes with Map It, and receive personal rewards when you achieve set goals. You can also share your profile with friends so they can track your running progress or even publish your challenge and encourage others across the globe to run faster or longer.

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