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Nike True City Iphone App

If you're lucky enough to have an Iphone and live in London, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona or Paris you can now download the Nike True City application to your phone. The amount of shish this app does is beyond bananas! You can now spend your time flipping through product pages, finding your nearest Nike locale, checking out what's new, and reading up on your favourite Nike heads all from the comfort of your ringer! No word on when the app will be released to the rest of the world, but check out the screen shots below and see just how radcakes this is! Check the full press release below and the video teaser here.


True City is all about inspiration. This iPhone app inspires tastemakers to share true experiences of living in these cultural epicenters by allowing them to shed light on the places and events that make their cities great. True City provides the tools to easily tag locations (through a series of badge-like icons), as well as describe and rate them. From hard-to-find sneaker boutiques to gallery openings to underground concerts, True City is the go-to iPhone App for individuals looking to put their finger on the pulse of a city.
ʻNike Insidersʼ make True City tick. Every city has a team of designated contributors who bring to life the principal of “Making the Hidden Visible” in their areas through regular updates. These cultural authorities take pride in owning their cities and sharing their knowledge with likeminded Nike lovers. They will also create personal profiles to give visitors a glimpse into their lives. But just as important are the applicationʼs daily users, who will be encouraged to provide their own unique perspectives and discoveries via their iPhones. The best of these civilian contributors, as judged by their peers, will have an opportunity to become Nike Insiders themselves.
As an added incentive, Nike Sportswear also ʻMakes the Hidden Visibleʼ to True City users with exclusive preview information about upcoming events and product launches accessible via the appʼs BUZZ filter. Additionally, users can unlock coded True City information within each city through the embedded QR code reader. The app also integrates the latest iPhone and social media technology: users can share content from their iPhones to their Facebook walls using Facebook connect, use the inbuilt user-generated content (UGC) functionality to create community content updates and ratings, or opt in to receive targeted over-the-air updates via push notification.

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