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Has Rob Gronkowski Ripped Off The Jumpman Silhouette? Nike Think So.

Rob Gronkoswki Nike Logo 1
Rob Gronkoswki Nike Logo

New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski has 'come up with' a new logo, but aren’t feeling it. ESPN reports the Swoosh are trying to block Gronkowski’s trademark application by claiming that a logo depicting the footballer spiking a pigskin looks a whole lot like the iconic  silhouette.

Gronk’s attorney says his client ‘has created one of the most recognisable brands in sports today,’ (a stretch? You decide.) but that doesn't change the fact that the logo bears a striking resemblance to a thirty-year-old Nike logo, which coincidentally (considering the lawyer's choice of words) actually is one of the most recognisable in the world.

Darren Heitner, a lawyer practiced in sports law, posits that Gronk could be in the clear, stating ‘without a showing of damage, there is no standing to bring a Notice of Opposition.’ But still, Gronkowski has a contract with Nike, and it’s in his best interests to oblige, so we’re betting that his company Gronk Nation, L.L.C. will take things back to the drawing board.

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