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Nike Sues 66 Bogus Online Stores!

Erik Siemers of Portfolio.com recently reported that Nike Inc. has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court of Virginia. The claims are against 66 different domain names the Swoosh believes are currently selling counterfeit sneakers. Posing as authorised resellers, these online outlets are not only playing on consumer trust, they're diminishing the value of Nike's kicks. Seeking an injunction to have these VeriSign Inc. registered domains names transfered over to their control, Siemers reports that Nike are concerned with the rampant growth of 'cybersquatting,' a practice he says, 'can cause damage to a corporate brand.' Cease-and-desist letters were sent back on November 25, 2009 with the Swoosh’s lawsuit filed after they received insufficient response from the domain-name owners. It’s also reported that Nike’s lawsuit isn’t seek financial compensation.

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