Nike Store Sued For Violence 1
Nike Store Sued For Violence 1
Nike Store Sued For Violence 1

Nike Store Sued $3 Million for 'Noise and Violence'

Sneakerheads may see rowdy releases as a badge of honour, confirmation of online hype, but nearby residents think they’re getting too dangerous. At least, that’s what neighbours of Nike’s SoHo NYC store think.

Those living around 21 Mercer are fed up with the ‘public drunkenness and urination, violence (including brawls and fist fights) loitering, littering, smoking, drug use, yelling and screaming’ and are suing the Swoosh for $3 million USD. Their lawsuit cites incidents of people drawing guns, which is hectic but not surprising.

The ‘Pigeon’ Dunk of 2005 etched itself into sneaker lore for the hubbub it caused. Then in 2014, riot-like behaviour caused NYPD to mace people at the Supreme x Nike Foamposite launch, and forbid Supreme’s NYC store from releasing their Air Force 1 colab later that year. Even this week, the Levi's x Air Jordan 4 release was shut down.

It’s not clear how strong a case Mercer Street residents have, but if they win there’s a chance Nike could be banned from launching sneakers in the same manner. We’ll fill you in with updates as they come.


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