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Nike Sportswear Aw77 Hoodie

Nike Sportswear’s love affair with the Loopwheeler Japan continues with their new batch of AW77 running hoodies. Spun slowly at twenty-four rpm using antique machinery salvaged from the 1920s and 30s, the loopwheel production process is so labor-intensive that a mere eight garments are produced in a day. But it’s truly worth the wait. Crazy soft  and tough as nails, Loopwheel organic hand-picked cotton fleece is produced simply to be the best, period. That’s why Nike enlisted the cream of world sport to shoot their new AW77 range. Check out the photo shoot below featuring Rafael Nadal, Alexandre Pato, Maria Sharapova, Sofia Boutella and Kobe Bryant.

About the AW77 hoodie: In 1977 Geoff Hollister, our third employee, founded the running dynasty Athletics West. The club became a mecca, attracting gold medalists, record breakers, distance runners and sprinters. They all headed for the Pacific Northwest. All to see if they had what it takes... all to train in the cold, and rain. 50.9 inches of it a year. Geoff designed a hoodie just for them. His day job was in apparel, and he came up with a hoodie with a half zip to cut weight and a fitted, multi-panel hood. We now call it the “scuba hood.” It was the first running-specific hoodie. It became the AW77.,

Find the AW77 hoodie and more at nikesportswear.com.

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