Nike Spark Flyknit 1
Nike Spark Flyknit 1
Nike Spark Flyknit 1
,Nike Spark Flyknit 1

First Look: Nike Spark Flyknit 1

No arm of Nike takes the 'Better Is Temporary' motto more seriously than Nike Running. From producing carbon fibre plate-equipped shoes so fast they were almost banned by world athletics governing bodies to leading the charge for a sub-two-hour marathon and creating ultra-light 3D-printed uppers, the Swoosh's running division is at the forefront of technican innovation. Now, it appears as if they've got another boundary-pusher ready to release: the Spark Flyknit 1.

Revealed via a joint leak from @solebyjc and @sneaktribe, the Spark Flyknit 1 features what appears to be a dual-layer Flyknit upper dressed in a tan, orange and blue colour scheme that's somewhat reminicent of the classic ACG Air Mowabb 'Rattan Birch.' According to the leak, what gives it its name is the new 'Spark' technology in the midsole. We're not in the business of rampant speculation but upon an initial glimpse, this midsole seems to feature a dual-density foam setup with a cored-out construction and a hard plastic plate sandwiched in between its layers. This plate states '14 09 11 05,' a run of numbers whose meaning is also unsure!

Get your first look at the Spark Flyknit 1 above, and stay tuned for more info on its inspiration and technical specs as soon as it's made available.

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