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John Mcenroe In Nike SB Court Challenge Video

Nike Skateboarding team rider Gino Iannucci has been workin' the court for just as long as he has been surfing' the sidewalk, so it's no surprise that when Gino's number came up to get to work on a signature shoe he leaned deep into Nike Tennis history and plucked out the '84 Challenge Court. Drawing inspiration from court-menace John McEnroe was easy for Gino. “He never held back and always spoke his mind. Tennis never saw that attitude until he came around. I admire how he did things his way and didn't conform to anything. He stood for just being yourself, whether good or bad. There’s honor in that.” To launch the SB Court Challenge Nike have released an advertising campaign which references back to the classic Dean “Rebel with a Cause” poster just as Nike/McEnroe advertisement did in the early ‘80s. Check the pics and video bellow.

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