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Nike Reflect On A Sneaker Made Purely For The Party

After establishing themselves as an athletic powerhouse in the 70s, Nike deviated from performance to produce sneaker made purely for the turn up. The Night Trak owes its existent to the party habits of a Nike sales rep who was well known to revel in New York’s nightlife. At the time, the rep was frequenting the infamous Studio 54 night club and somehow managed to sway the Swoosh to make a shoe for its punters.

As a result, the Night Trak is the footwear realization of the disco era. Generous helpings of sparkly silver are met with candy apple red and both are heavily laced with glitter. ‘They had to be danceable’ says Nike’s senior director of culture and heritage (and sweet title holder), Nelson Farris. Which, at the time translated to glam.

After a short spell at retailers, and an appropriate roller skate rendition that never hit shelves, the Night Trak disappeared into obscurity. Still, the shoe is survived by an impressive legacy – one that makes this mysterious sales rep our new hero.

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