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Nike Ronaldinho
Nike Ronaldinho
Nike Ronaldinho

Nike & Psg Fined $6.2 Million For Under The Table Payments

Despite boasting a massive population with an insatiable appetite for ballon, France's top football division has often struggled to match the other big European leagues' spending powers. That's why there are typically a few raised eyebrows in the room whenever a huge name signs up to Monaco or Paris St. Germain. Most of the time, you can probably credit the capture to the waterfall of oil riches of a foreign owner (or just good old hefty bank credit), but sometimes there is indeed something shady afoot. That seems to have been the case when PSG were stacked with young stars like Nicolas Anelka and Ronaldinho in the early 2000s. NDTV is reporting that PSG and their kit sponsor, Nike, have been ordered to pay over 6 million clams to France's version of Social Security for failing to declare some payments between 2000 and 2005 in an attempt to avoid paying tax. Was it really worth it, guys?



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