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Nike: On Air Finalist Jasmine Lasode Responds to Plagiarism Accusations

The Nike: On Air Design Workshop has been embroiled in a plagiarism scandal. London participant Lorenzo Federici called out competition finalist Jasmine Lasode on social media for allegedly stealing his concepts. Vehemently denying the claims, Lasode has released Messenger screenshots in an attempt to prove her innocence.

Lasode is adamant the conceptual similarities were pure ‘coincidence’, with screenshots from two days prior to the event debunking Federici’s claims that his ideas were stolen on the day (the pair were seated on the same table on event day).

The controversy arose when Federici claimed his concepts were stolen and incorporated into Lasode’s ‘London Summer of Love’ Air Max 97 (pictured above). There weren’t many visual similarities between their final designs, but Federici said his ‘support your local convenience store' concept and the use of the word ‘Bossman’ — both featured in Lasode’s design — were ideas that he had refined over months of work.

In Lasode’s screenshot, she is pictured discussing the ‘Bossman’ concept under her nickname ‘Young Ralph’ two days prior to the event.

There’s been no official word from Nike regarding the controversy, but Federici has since set his IG to private. Meanwhile, Lasode’s ‘Summer of Love’ AM97 remains entrenched in the On Air competition as one of the 18 final designs.

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