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Le Bron Money
Le Bron Money
Le Bron Money

Nike Lock Down LeBron To Lifetime Contract

Bank. Guap. Skrilla. Cheddar. Cheese. Cream. Clams. LeBron already had plenty fetti, and now he's guaranteed much more on a daily basis until his bones turn to dust at his atomic energy is redistributed across the world. King James has just re-upped his contract with Nike, optioning the #veryrare lifetime clause. The deal, which he surely signed in his own blue blood, will mean LeBron will rep that tick forever ever.

'We can confirm that we have agreed to a lifetime relationship with LeBron that provides significant value to our business, brand and shareholders,' Nike said in a statement. 'We have already built a strong LeBron business over the past 12 years, and we see the potential for this to continue to grow throughout his playing career and beyond.'

Meanwhile, LeBron's consigliere Maverick Carter (AKA the clever fella who got LBJ a stake in Dre Beats/the stooge who engineered 'The Decision') had this to say: 'LeBron and I have been in love and obsessed with Nike since we were kids. Having built a totally innovative global business with them has truly been a dream come true. We are so excited to be taking the business to an entirely new level. For LeBron, he's thrilled to know he's a Nike guy for life.'

For now, the LeBron sneaks will stay as a Nike line, but the brand has not ruled out taking it solo like Air Jordan. Probably not for a while, though. ESPN has a good run down on athletic company lifetime deals here.

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