Nike LeBron 19 NIKELAND Roblox
LeBron James NIKELAND Roblox

New Nike LeBron 19s to Launch Virtually on NIKELAND Before Real World Release

Nike are stepping further into the metaverse by enlisting star athlete LeBron James to get involved with the brand’s NIKELAND virtual world on Roblox. The longtime brand partner will launch some basketball mini games in the digital platform, which in turn hopefully encourages users to apply their newfound skills in the real world. However, for those reading Sneaker Freaker, the more likely reason to visit NIKELAND is to preview James’ new LeBron 19 colourways virtually before the physical release.

Running from now through All-Star Weekend and ending on February 21, users can visit the NIKELAND Showroom where the LeBron 19s can be viewed. One colourway is the limited edition ‘Chosen 1’, which details James’ basketball journey from Ohio to Los Angeles. This is reportedly revealed via tearaway uppers – check out the Showroom to see the effect. The other colourway is called ‘Bron Bites’, a whimsical makeup based on the snack foods James enjoys.

The special LeBron James NIKELAND takeover is open right now. Meanwhile the LeBron 19 ‘Chosen 1’ is due to release exclusively in North America in coming days, and the ‘Bron Bites’ will drop later this year globally at Nike retailers. Given Nike’s heavy investment in virtual spaces, expect to see more of this kind of activity in the future.

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