nike kit couture event
nike kit couture event
nike kit couture event

Nike Celebrate Jersey Culture With ‘Kit Couture’ Activation

Football jerseys have undeniably become one of the biggest style trends of the moment, with fashion and football enthusiasts all over the world donning them. Whether as part of a wider trend such as ‘blokecore’ or from the lens of their own personal style, wearing a football jersey today is not only a mark of being a loyal team follower, but as a method of self expression.

Nike are celebrating this notion with their latest ‘Kit Couture’ activation, which celebrates the way fashion and football are joining together. To highlight this, Nike brought together 13 unique designers to curate their own take on the future of jersey culture. Mentored by creative director and stylist Jana Bartolo, each designer was allocated one of the 13 Nike Federations to demonstrate their take on jersey culture, inspired by their own cultural identity. The designers include, Rube Pedder, Alvi Chung, Eugene Leung and Dan Tse, Eden May Tal, Roman Kerekes-Shaw, Nathaniel Youkhana, Blair Archibald, Alix Higgins, Briar Will, Cameron Amy Hill, Xizhu Wu, Samantha Diorio and Grace Lee.

Creative director and Nike stylist Jana Bartolo said on the project, ‘I’ve long been dreaming about bringing the jersey to the catwalk so it was great to be given the opportunity by Nike to develop a streetwear inspired dress, in a silhouette that I would usually wear myself, using the Matildas Australian Home Jersey. I was so excited that this was then used as the inspiration behind the concept of Kit Couture event and to be involved in selecting the 13 designers. I can’t wait to see where the evolution of the jersey takes us as the jersey styling movement thrives.‘

The jersey designs are available to view right now at the Ultra Football Store in Alexandria, Sydney.

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