Nike Sued Monet
Nike Sued Monet
Nike Sued Monet

Nike Is Being Sued $5m For Fraudulent In-Store Pricing

Nike is being sued a hefty five million dollars for allegedly pulling a swift one on its customers. The class action lawsuit has been filed by Monika Taylor, who claims that Nike has been falsely representing prices in their outlet stores, to make items appear to be discounted when they were never actually sold at the advertised recommended retail price.

The lawsuit claims that:

'Nike misrepresented the existence, nature and amount of price discounts on products sold in Nike Outlet stores by purporting to offer discounts off of a false ‘Suggested Retail Price,’ which the Plaintiff understood to be short for the commonly used retail phrase: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP.)'

'Nike led consumers to believe that its MSRPs represented authentic price information about the products they purchased. In reality, Nike manufactures the Nike Outlet Products for exclusive sale at its Nike Outlets and always sells these goods for the advertised 'OUR PRICE,' never the MSRP.'

Koin reports that Nike have declined to comment on the matter, but images within the lawsuit, showing images of the supposed dodgy pricing, seem quite damning. Peruse through the case here, and stay with SF for updates.

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