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17 Apr 2018


Nike Introduce Radical New Invention: Flyprint

Nike Flyprint 3Nike Flyprint 3
Nike Flyprint 2
Nike Flyprint 1

have just added a new technology to their ever-growing arsenal. Called Flyprint, it utilises a novel construction method that will see 3D-printed textiles enter performance footwear spheres for the first time.

Eliud Kipchoge, runner of the world’s fastest marathon, was instrumental in applying the new tech to sneakers. Struggling to run in 99 per cent humidity led him to raise an issue with Nike’s designers: the otherwise ‘perfect… really perfect’ Vaporfly 4% absorbed water that couldn’t evaporate fast enough.

To alleviate the problem, Nike and Kipchoge went through various prototypes and eventually found a way to merge Flyprint technology with Vaporfly design, resulting in a weather-beating Vaporfly 11g that was lighter than Kipchoge’s original pair.

It’s expected that Flyprint will enter Nike’s catalogue in the same way that Flyknit did in years prior. In fact, the two can be engineered to bond thermally and eliminate the need for glue or stitching.

When exactly we’ll be able to try out Flyprint for ourselves is still unknown. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when Nike deem us worthy.

17 Apr 2018


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