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Nike To Make Id Arcade Machines?

Air Max 1 Arcade ThumbAir Max 1 Arcade Thumb
Nike Air Max Arcade 1
Nike Air Max Arcade 2
Nike Air Max Arcade 3
Nike Air Max Arcade 4
Nike Air Max Arcade 5

We know you're probably sick of , so full disclosure from the start – this is a hoax. One of our favourite sneaker artists, Matt Stevens devised a funny new way of customising shoes with , and put together a mock-up for the gullible Internet. Flick the pics of the 'Global Air Max Arcade' initiative above and read Stevens' statement on it below...
'The initiative is part of an effort to expand NIKEiD with decommissioned arcade cabinets. So instead of customising your shoes from the comfort of your own home, you can now use one of these game units at your local mall, global tech company headquarters or neighborhood convenience store. Yes, you can still access your favorite Air Max iD product from the web on your personal desktop jumbotron, but imagine speccing out some new kicks at your local arcade with some dude looking over your shoulder saying "next." This is the future, folks.'
Like the , this is a fantasy we actually want to see produced! Via Matt Stevens.

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