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Nike Get Nostalgic About Zoom Air

A new feature has popped on Nike's news site that every Zoom Air zealot will love, and every Zoom novice should read. The piece has Nike getting all nostalgic about the origins of Zoom Air, and looks way back to 1995. Nike begins with the shoe that started it all, the Nike Air Zoom LWP, a shoe which was never actually a 'Zoom Air' shoe at all. Originally coined the Nike Tensile Air – as was written on the underfoot – the shoe was named for the tensile fabric that was positioned for forward propulsion. But, being closely linked with a series of Light Weight Performance designs, the shoe was nicknamed the 'Zoom Air', and nothing was the same.

The piece touches on all the notable notches in Nike's Zoom belt, including the story behind the crazy sought-after Nike Zoom Spiridon, and the cult-fave Zoom Air Talaria that's being re-released at the end of March. Hopefully the piece foreshadows a hype-cycle Nike is building for a full-blown Zoom re-up, and maybe they'll finally give us the official Spiridon release dates!

Read the full piece here.

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