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Nike Founder Phil Knight 'Proud' of how Company Managed Harassment

Nike is going through a rough patch, a PR nightmare that embroiled the company in the me too’ movement when women within Beaverton HQ distributed a survey and uncovered sexual harassment.

Nearly a dozen executives have left or been forced to leave since, with roles ranging from those overseeing creative departments to those pegged to run the company. Amid it all, Nike founder Phil Knight has appeared on CBS to say that he is proud of how the company is handling the situation:

‘Sales and earnings are growing, but we did have a shock within the last couple of months that certain number of managers were bullying employees and it was a shock to me personally and to a lot of the upper management. And it's disappointing as well as a shock. It's very disappointing, but I am proud of the company and the way it responded to the problems that it saw and it's basically cleaning house for those people.’

In all fairness, he doesn’t have cause not to be proud. Along with the obligatory apology, Nike have promoted women within the company in attempts to improve corporate culture, although some employees told the New York Times that they were sceptical of how much things will change.

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