Nike Dunk Low Rain
Nike Dunk Low Rain
Nike Dunk Low Rain
,Nike Dunk Low Rain

Rainy Details Reign Supreme on this Nike Dunk Low

Nike's downpour of Dunk Low drops has been going strong as of late, and the forecast doesn't show any signs of it stopping soon! This deluge of Dunks has deposited several unique styles on us in recent months: though 'team bank' colours are still a large part of the Dunk lineup, the focus seems to have shifted to more vivid pairs, like the 'Animal' and a style with ocean-inspired details. Now, the latest Dunk to appear boasts a muted colour scheme, special rain cloud-inspired details and even loose-hanging threads!

Revealed by sample and early pair collector @woganwodeyang, the style's key details are the roughly-stitched, cloud-shaped overlays present on the midfoot and heel. On the medial midfoot, these clouds deposit rain-like embroidered flecks that land on the top of the Swoosh, while on the lateral midfoot and the heel they feature elongated threads for extra texture. A mixture of grey and blue shades are used, while the material composition combines corduroy and suede.

At the time of writing, these Dunks have yet to receive an official release date or pricing information. However, they're likely to hit shelves later this year – so keep it locked here for more info as it's made available.

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