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Nike Bespoke - Engineered By Mafia

Along with Lori Lobenstine of Female Sneaker Fiend fame, I was recently given the chance to create my very own Nike Bespoke. You may remember our review of Bespoke in Issue 17 - it's definitely a massive honour to be invited behind the double doors of Mercer St and into the Willy Wonka world of sneaker heaven! More exclusive than your regular Nike ID, Bespoke allows you to go one-on-one with a consultant, creating your very own Nike from premium materials and designs unavailable anywhere else in the ID program. Check out the rest of our Nike Bespoke experience below, plus an exclusive video of what goes on behind closed doors!


Bespoke's rep Izzy really takes time out to not only consult on your desired sneaker design, but to flesh out your tastes, personality and (more importantly) which shoes have inspired you in the past. Through a process of elimination, material swatches are whittled down to an appropriate number (lets just say, in the past, many have gone bonkers with their swatch selections, something that I was determined not to do!). Luckily, I'm decisive as the day is long and had already marked out colours and concepts before I entered the room.

The foundation to my design was one of my all-time favourite sneakers of past, the Nike Air Tech Challenge (Hot Lava). There's always been something about that Infra-pink splatter atop the white, grey and black palette that makes me salivate into my sweatband. The end result inadvertently turned into a variation completely removed from my original vision - a product of sitting with Izzy for over three hours nutting out ideas and in turn creating an original custom.

An intimate sneaker experience like no other, this is certainly the pinnacle of sneaker customisation and personalisation. If you have a spare $800 up your sleeve, I suggest you get yourself down to Mercer and get your creative juices squeezed by the mighty marvel that is Nike Bespoke!

Thanks again to Izzy and Demetria at Nike NSW Mercer St plus all the staff, and of course Lori Lobenstine for setting the whole appointment up!

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