Nike Has Reportedly Announced a New VP of SNKRS

One of the most problematic parts of Nike’s direct-to-consumer business has been the SNKRS app, which assists in the release of the brand’s limited highly sought after products. According to Complex, an internal message was sent to Nike employees last Tuesday with the information that Lucy Rouse has been appointed as the new VP of SNKRS!

Previously in the position was Ron Faris who helped build SNKRS into what we know it as today. Rouse won’t just be limited to SNKRS, her full title will be VP/GM of NBHD, SNKRS Launch and S23NYC. NBHD is an acronym that stands for Nike’s upper echelon of ‘Neighbourhood’ sneaker boutique partners while S23NYC refers to the New York-based offices of the SNKRS team.

According to Complex the internal email viewed was addressed by Daniel Heaf, VP of Nike’s direct-to-consumer business and Carl Grebert, a VP/GM of Nike for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In the email, their future goal is clear and an excerpt from the message reads: ‘to accelerate shaping our future power franchises while realising our vision to create the most inclusive, engaging, and progressive street and sneaker community in the world.’

It seems Nike wants to make their SNKRS and NBHD release strategy a lot fairer, as the current cultural feeling around the method is that it doesn’t give consumers an equal chance at purchasing the products they want. It also didn’t help when last year a former Nike VP stepped down due to her son’s resale business, where he used his mum's credit card to purchase $132,000 worth of product. A Team Swoosh employee for around 25 years, it’s alleged that Joe purchased large quantities of product from Nike’s company store as well, usually reserved for friends and family, at a large discount.,

As the new VP/GM of NBHD, SNKRS Launch and S23NYC, Rouse will be tasked with the massive undertaking that is Nike’s limited releases strategy, hopefully making it fairer. She’s well equipped for the task as well! Starting at Nike around 16 years ago as an account executive in Australia she moved up to be the VP/GM of Nike Sportswear for Europe, Middle East and Africa, also in the EMEA region she was the VP/GM of the brand’s women’s business.

According to the source, Rouse has been scheduled to start her role on April 4, however she and Nike are yet to officially comment on the announcement. Nevertheless, it's exciting to see what the future holds.

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